A Must in Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement has seen a rise in illicit narcotic use across the nation. Officers are now faced with drugs that are hidden in plain site. Because of previous outdated technology, Vaping and Edibles are often overlooked. Old methods of testing put Officers at risk of exposure from hazardous drugs. SwabTek’s innovative products provide the highest Officer safety and gives them new technology to deal with the latest drugs found on the street.

Use Cases

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

When operators of commercial vehicles attempt to conceal illicit drugs in their cab’s & cargo, Law Enforcement Officers are using SwabTek test kits to identify hidden narcotics.  The days of looking for beer bottles and flasks has been replaced with vape pens and marijuana edibles.


Correctional Facilities

The war on drugs has gone on since 1970 and correction facilities are still plagued with narcotics inside them. Using SwabTek test kits, Officers can quickly perform checks for contraband in cells and throughout the jail. Packages and letters from home can easily be swabbed for the presence of narcotics.


Probation Departments

Probation Departments now have a tool they can use to rapidly detect narcotics in the living quarters of offenders. By having the ability to use SwabTek test kits on any surface, the Officers can identify concealed narcotics.



Often when people are suspected driving under the influence of a controlled substance, Officers often find the illicit items in the vehicle. When using SwabTek test kits Officers can rapidly identify the possible source of the impairment.

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