Safety In Schools

Marijuana use by students has become a rampant issue as technological advancements, like vaping, have accelerated the distribution and consumption of drugs in and around the classroom. As youth marijuana consumption has become more prevalent and discreet than ever before, it is clear that traditional methods of policing drugs on campus have become ineffective. School Resource Officers and Educators are missing the tools necessary to prove that students are using drugs.

Until now, marijuana identification has relied on the presence of a physical drug sample, like a marijuana bud or cannabis oil, in order to conduct a test. However, these tests have become obsolete in a time where marijuana use can be so easily disguised and concealed. 


Cetratus SwabTek’s Marijuana Detection Kit is the first of its kind - a tool designed specifically to help arm law enforcement and school resource officers in the fight against vaping and youth cannabis consumption.


The kits are a dry, paper-based test that can be used to identify the presence of trace amounts of Marijuana on any surface. Since Cetratus SwabTek's tests include a pre-treated swab for sample collection, they can be used on dry surfaces that other tests cannot, like the empty oil cartridge or mouthpiece of a vape pen. School resource officers no longer require a physical drug sample to prove the presence of marijuana, and now have a way to safely and easily test vape paraphernalia that is confiscated from students.


Already, Cetratus SwabTek's tests are in use in schools across the country, providing law enforcement professionals with the empowerment they need to prove the presence of drugs, and enforce drug-related punishment on campus.

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