Cannabis Test Kit  

The NTK is a single use, simple to use spot test.  The NTKis provided as a paper strip with dry reagent test zones applied to strip surface.  A pre-treated swab is also provided for suspect residue collection and transfer to the paper based test strip for analysis. There are no bulky or hazardous liquid reagent dropper bottles, or breakable ampules or pressurized spray cans.


The old industry standard of complicated, multi-step test sequences has been replaced with complete suspect residue analysis achieved in one single step and in less than 5 seconds.


  • Accurately Identifies multiple DRUGS OF ABUSE including Amphetamines, Cocaine, Marijuana and Opiates.  

  • Reduces manual handling and there is no exposure to hazardous chemicals or other dangerous materials 

  • Being paper based, wastage during manufacture is dramatically reduced and disposal is simplified. 100% paper recyclable.

  • Kits have a shelf life of 2 years +

  • Specifically designed for detecting drug content in Edibles.


  • Δ-9-THC

  • CBC

  • CBD

  • CBN

  • Marijuana

  • Industrial Hemp

  • Cannabinoids

  • Hashish

  • Ganja


Detection occurs in samples of plant material, oils, liquids, vaping pipes, vaping juices, gels, creams and edibles.  Samples may be in various colors with or without odor.