Airport Security

Traditional airport field testing practices are expensive, time consuming and potentially hazardous, limiting the scope of what and how frequently front-lines security professionals test for drugs and explosives. SwabTek's innovative technology combines ease and safety of use with a cost-effective and environmentally-conscious method of delivery, allowing for airports to test more samples, more often, and more safely than ever before.

Use Cases

General Screening

Security professionals can easily and affordably integrate SwabTek's drugs and explosives testing kits into general passenger screening practices. SwabTek's narcotics and dry explosives test can be used on any solid surface to test for residue, including hands, suitcases, backpacks, purses and water bottles. Security professionals can use SwabTek's liquid explosives test kit to screen for explosives and derivative residue in any liquid, cream, gel, or aerosol that passes through a checkpoint. Use of the kits is quick, inexpensive, and does not require additional training or equipment for the user, allowing it to integrate seamlessly into any screening protocol.

Spot Testing Potential Substances of Harm

SwabTek's field test kits can be used to quickly and safely check for the presence of drugs or explosives residue anywhere, at any time. Because the tests are light, non-toxic, and highly durable, they can be carried and used by any front-lines security personnel who may be responsible for testing potential substances of harm on a moment's notice. Because the tests are simple, affordable, and safe, they can be used to test suspected samples more often than  other screening practices that are limiting due to safety concerns, expense, and training requirements.

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