S2 Systems

Our test kit technology range aims to revolutionise and create a new process standard. Our focus is speed and efficiency as we believe every moment wasted puts our clients in danger or liability.

Our product line is applicable to the following areas:

Military Complex






Border Control

Private Investigation Agency


Fields of Expertise:

Bomb Threat

Narcotic detection


Emergency Situations

Stop Check


Micro Detection

Gunshot Blast Detection

Product Details

Launched in January of 2014, S2 Threat Detection Technologies kits are already in use on a daily basis in over 600 international airports. Many experts consider the kits a disruptive Technology, due to the low cost, portability and unprecedented accuracy.

Cetratus are proud to partner and gain certification as a re-seller of S2 products allowing for greater growth and expansion into the Caribbean region. We believe the S2 products are a world standard and we are proud to list their items in our portfolio of products to resell.

S2 Threat Detection Technologies founders have strong track records in Chemical Research and Development as well as Anti terrorism and explosives threat detection and assessment for government and private groups worldwide.

S2 Threat Detection Technologies is the innovator of the revolutionary DETK Explosive Test Kit, the LETK Liquid Explosive Test Kit, and the NTK Narcotic Test Kit. All provide – affordable, compact, robust and comprehensive solutions to explosive and drugs of abuse detection.

S2  Liquid Explosive Test Kit (LETK) has been tested under the CEP framework, which endorses the LETK as a Type A device that meets the performance requirements of Standard 2 for equipment for the screening of Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs), defined in ECAC Doc 30, Part II (13th edition/May 2010). These performance requirements are identical to the performance requirements in the EU aviation security legislation currently in force.

S2  Dry Explosive Test Kit (DETK) has been evaluated by the UK Government Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB)and the DETK reached a standard of performance acceptable for use by UK Government bodies.

This standard leads to the product being listed within the HOSDB ‘Blue Book’ in early 2010 and allows any government agency to place orders for the product. The DETK was found to be lightweight, portable and easy to deploy, whilst giving a rapid accurate confirmation of the presence of an explosive material. It successfully detected all explosive targets. Along with its use in all weathers, the kit does not require supplementary equipment such as heaters, battery operated gadgets or gas burners. This adds to the versatility of the kit.

The LETK meets the ECAC performance requirements of Standard 2 for equipment for the screening of Liquids, Aerosols, and Gels.