Upcoming Caribbean Exposure & Innovation

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Cetratus aims to create a new standard within the detection market within the Caribbean market.

The Caribbean has been faced with an on going on narcotic trafficking over the years and has ventured towards deterrents and new ways to tackle the on going problem, selected islands will be able to showcase their ability in deploying out product to better understand and detect threats on the go.

“We aim to change the way things are, detection is the first stage of gathering data into what you are fighting, detection is out realm and we do it pretty good.”

Our deployment ease will allow for all to carry and deploy with instant dry testing results. What separates us from our competitors is our dry innovation which allows for the lowest case of false positives.

Deploy - Detect - Deter

We are in talks with the whole industry that secures the Caribbean and aim to be actively deployed by 2020 (#detect #narcotic #security) , our detection system will create a deter based on the value of low false positives which means any suspicious item can be instantly identified giving evidence of chemical on the go.

If you believe you may be in an industry that requires out state of the art product, message us for a quotation and on more information for our partnership programs.

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